today in eso: “almalexia told me to wait for you” (resulting in a ridiculous amount of fangirling) and telling sexist dickbags off in zone chat (resulting in “oh no someone can’t take a joke, it’s all in jest, we’re so sorry you’re offended” and i just wanted to throw up uGH)

tbh considering how much the eu megaserver’s been down this week idk why the game’s not called elder scrolls offline

this tied in with the impressive amount of bugs makes me wonder why i keep going (y’know if it wasn’t for my need to finish the stories i start engaging in - it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more for me to walk away at this poing bc now i’m invested and shit)


finally sitting down my the computer & starting eso only to be greeted by the words “server maintenance” was not how i planned to spend my evening after an exhausting day of family and cleaning

what’s left of our blueberry pie by Simply Stardust on Flickr.

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Pink topaz from Katlang by ARSAA GEMS AND MINERALS on Flickr.

i’m feeling super blessed right now because i 1) have a fandom i love desperately and am incredibly passionate about and 2) a handful of friends i’ve introduced to it without having to worry if they’ll get it or not 

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"I Swear I Didn’t Seriously Ship It At First, It Just Sort of Happened" a novel by me


I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it.